What is Land Encroachment & trespassing

What is land encroachment? Land encroachment is a process when someone violates an owner’s property rights. A person enters a building or a property unlawfully or extends some part of the building into someone else’s structure intentionally or unintentionally. Land encroachment is also sometimes called property encroachment, but there is a very thin line between […]

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Buyer & Seller Responsibility under Transfer of Property Act 1882

Seller’s Responsibilities During Transfer of Property Section 54 of Transfer of Property Act 1882 defines ‘Sale’ as the transfer of ownership of property in exchange for a price promised, paid, part-promised or part-paid. The section discusses the responsibilities of the seller during the transfer of property. These responsibilities are listed below: On request for examination by the […]

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Capital Gain on Sale of Gifted or Inherited Properties

A capital asset being shares and securities (listed), unit of UTI (listed/unlisted), unit of equity oriented mutual fund (listed/unlisted), zero coupon bonds (listed/unlisted) is considered as long term capital asset if it is retained for more than 12 months and 24 months in case of unlisted shares and securities and land or building or both and 36 months in […]

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