Stamp duty charges vary from one state to another and may depend on gender, municipal areas or income groups within the state too. In Gujarat Basic rate of Stamp duty is 3.50% and Total rate is 4.90% i.e., Rs. 4.90 for every Rs. 100/- need to be paid as stamp duty for Gujarat Property Registration. The registration fee is 1.05%.

Here is a table showing Stamp duty rates in Gujarat for different documents, and agreements.

Table showing Stamp duty rates in Gujarat

Stamp duty rates in Gujarat
Sr. No.Particularsrates
Up to 04.08.19
W.e.f 05.08.2020 Rs.
2Agreement or memorandum of agreement or its record100300
3Partnership deed (If any partner brings immovable property as capital then stamp duty @ 3.5% of Jantri Value will be leviable on it)1% of total capital or Maximum 10,000/-
4Change in Constitution Partnership1% of additional capital
Due to Increase in capital(This will be in accordance with the duty payable under point no. 3. The additional duty payable will be computed after deducting the stamp duty already paid. The stamp duty shall not exceed INR 10,000/- (threshold limit for stamp duty payable))
Any other reason100200
5Dissolution of Reason100200
6Apprenticeship Deed100300
7Power of Attorney100300
8Notary Public Attestation3550
9Indemnity bond, Inspector ship Deed100300
10Release deed in blood relation (Documents for foregoing inheritance Rights)100300
11Administration Bond100300
12Adoption Bond100200
13Appointment in Execution of Power100300
14Appraise ment or Valuation100300
17Composition Deed100300
18Copy or extract100300
19Counterpart or Duplicate100300
20Customs Bond of Exercise Bond100300
22Letter of Guarantee100300
23Letter of License100300
24Marriage registration100200
25Memorandum of Association of a Company100300
26Notarial Act2050
27Note of Memorandum100300
28Note or Protest by Master of Ship100300
29Protest of Bill or Note100300
30Re-conveyance Mortgaged Property100300
31Record of Transaction100300
33Security bond or Mortgage deed100300
34Surrender of Lease100300
Stamp Duty rates and Registration Charges For Immovable property
Stamp Duty for Immovable Property
S.NoStamp DutyRate
1The basic rate of Stamp duty3.50 %
2Surcharge at the rate of forty  percent on basic rate1.40%
3Total Stamp Duty4.90%
Registration Charges for Immovable property
3(For Joint name) Male-Female1%
4(For Joint name) Female-maleNil

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