Stamp Paper : Arrangement of non-postal stamps distribution ‘Nodal Point’ as per the requirement in the entire State non-postal stamps stocks are obtained at one point and for distributing to different Districts Gandhinagar Stamp Registration Bhavan office is declared as the ‘Nodal Point’ for the non-postal stamps. The head of the Nodal Point is the Superintendent of Stamps.

  • Non-postal stamps stocks are received from the India Security Press Nasik by this point through personal delivery, and thereafter it is distributed in the entire State in different District Treasury Offices as per their requirements.
  • The use of different types of non-postal stamps are done for different types of dealings, as per each type of use the distribution is done.

The details of the different types of stamps is as here below :

Types of Stamps

With regard to the non-postal stamp types and its use as stated here below there are different types of stamps and dealings stated against it.

Non-judicial stamp paper

For the sales, purchase, transfer of building, land like immovable properties in the transfer, mortgage etc. as per the rates determined by the government for recovery of the stamp duty such persons are executing the sale deeds on non-judicial stamp papers as per the stamp duty value. Moreover, the agreements, affidavits, loan security and etc. dealings there is use of non-judicial stamp paper. At present the non-judicial stamp papers of value.

The sale of Non judicial stamp paper has been stopped from Dt.01/12/2019 by the Notification dated 30/09/2019 of revenue department, gujarat government

Rs. 5 | Rs. 10 | Rs. 20 | Rs. 50 | Rs. 100 | Rs. 500 | Rs. 1000 | Rs. 5000 | Rs. 10000 | Rs. 15000 | Rs. 20000 and Rs. 25000 are available.

Franking print

For making use of such type of stamps if the government authorized stamp vending office has stamp machine available then on the document produced the necessary amount franking print can be impressed.

Moreover, if there is demand of the same by the banks, loan granting private company and etc. then special adhesive stamps franking license is also issued by the Superintendence of Stamps, Gujarat State, Gandhinagar. Special adhesive stamps of value

Rs. 1 | Rs. 2 | Rs. 5 | Rs. 10 | Rs. 20 | Rs. 50 | Rs. 100 | Rs. 500 | Rs. 1000 and Rs. 5000 are available.


In this manner for making use of this type of stamp the State Government has made available the facility of ‘E-Stamping’ through the Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd. This facility is available in the State in all the Districts and Taluka Head Quarters at the office of the Sub-Registrar. Thus, the person going for registration of the document will be made available the facility of the duty at site. By this facility as per the requirement the stamp duty payment E-stamping certificate can be made available immediately.

Notary Stamps

Before making use for affidavit, power of attorney like documents it has to be notarized by the Executive Magistrate or the government appointed Notary. Wherein by the Notarial Stamps duty is recovered. The Notarial stamps are available of Rs. 5/- value.

Revenue Stamps

In the entire State Rs. 5000 or more amount of transactions the revenue stamps are signed and the document has to be executed. The revenue stamp of Rs. 1 value is available.

Agreement Stamps

In the case of marriage registration the duty agreement stamps as determined by the government has to be affixed and recovered.

Agreement of Rs. 10 and Rs. 100 is available.

Insurance Stamps

The Insurance Companies are selling the policy on which the insurance stamp is used. Insurance stamps of value

Rs. 1 | Rs. 2 | Rs. 5 | Rs. 10 | Rs. 20 | Rs. 50 | Rs. 100 | Rs. 500 | Rs. 1000 are available.

Moreover, if there is demand made by the Insurance company then for the franking of the insurance stamps the license is issued by the Superintendent of Stamps, Gujarat State, Gandhinagar.

Share Transfer Stamps

In the event of shares sales – purchase or transfer the use of the stamp is made. share transfer stamps of value

Rs. 1 | Rs. 2 | Rs. 5 | Rs. 10 | Rs. 50 | Rs. 100 and Rs. 200 are available.

Foreign Bill Stamps

In the dealings of the private companies with the foreign companies the Foreign Bill Stamps are made use of. The said stamps of value

Rs. 1 | Rs. 2 | Rs. 5 | Rs. 10 | Rs. 50 and Rs. 100 are available.

Brokers Note – Stamp

In the Cabala Document dealings the brokers note stamps are used. These stamps of value

Rs. 1 | Rs. 2 | Rs. 5 | Rs. 10 | Rs. 50 | Rs. 100 and Rs. 500 are available.

Hundi Papers

In the previous times in the promissory dealings the Hundi papers were used. In place of the Hundi papers special adhesive stamps can be used. Hundi papers of value

Rs. 1 | Rs. 1.50 | Rs. 2.50 | Rs. 4 | Rs. 5 and Rs. 10 are available.

Judicial Stamp Paper

In the court proceedings the court fees stamp paper is used. Court fees stamp paper of

Rs. 50 | Rs. 100 | Rs. 200 | Rs. 300 | Rs. 500 | Rs. 1000 | Rs. 3000 | Rs. 5000 and Rs. 25000 are available.

Court Fees Stamp Label

These stamps are affixing stamps, the use of the same is made on the applications used before the Court and Collector and Additional Collector. The said stamps of value

0.25 paise | 0.50 paise | Rs. 1 | Rs. 2 | Rs. 3 | Rs. 4 | Rs. 5 | Rs. 10 and Rs. 20 are available.

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